Rabu, 01 April 2015


Launch Clean Master and it displays your used RAM and storage space, along with buttons for its main functions.
Tapping "Junk Files" scans your device for assorted system and app caches, along with other leftovers.Tapping any of these categories displays further details, and you can keep or delete whatever you like.
"Phone Boost" concentrates on running apps, allowing you to stop the memory and CPU hogs, maybe cooling your device down and extending battery life.
"App Manager" displays your installed apps. The list can be sorted by frequency of use, installation date, size and more. You can uninstall anything you don't need, or maybe move apps to an SD card on some rooted devices.
"Antivirus" scans your device for malicious apps and security/ privacy vulnerabilities.
Most of this can be configured in detail via a host of settings.
Once Clean Master is set up, you can leave it to run regular scans automatically, or launch it via a "1 Tap Boost" directl